This is Colonel Bills own range of historical figures and equipment. As the name suggests it allows the gamer/collector to resupply with figures and items that complement existing ranges from other manufacturers, in particular 4Ground mdf products.  Full listings of these items are available in our online shop

Horses & Oxen

The Colonel supplies a variety of horses and Oxen. These include heavy draught horses, chariot horses, barded horses an cataphract horses.


Non Playing Character & Humour Sets

a good looking game normally includes lots of NPC's - non playing characters, if these can make you smile then so much the better!!!!

DBH002 Caught Short

DBH001 Bloody Luftwaffe

DBH003 The Wrath of God

DBH004  Mi Lady's Bathtime

Cart and Wagon Loads

These  'cart loads' cast in resin. They are suitable for use by troops in a variety of  periods, and they have been designed with the ever popular 4Ground carts and wagons in mind, although they are also highly suitable as piles of supplies in camps. Each set has 2 loads - one military and the other a civilian load.

CB4G01 Roman
CB4G02 Saxon
CB4G07 Artillery

CB4G08 WW2 Refugee

Cart Crews & Wounded

If you have the cart or wagon and you have the horses to pull it, then you need the crew. We provide four figures in each of our crews, These generally include a driver and another figure leading a horse. Therefore two carts/wagons can be crewed by one set of figures. We also provide wounded figures to sit in the vehicles - of course you can also sit them around the medical tent if you wish


The following packs are currently available - all at £1 per pack!

DBW001     VBCW/WW2: 3 x Lewis Guns

DBW002     VBCW/WW2: 8 x Rifles with Bayonets attached

DBW003     VBCW/WW2: 3 x Thompson SMG's, 3 x Bergmann SMG's, 3 x Grenade Launchers

DBW004     Modern: 4 x 66mm LAW, Light Anti Tank Weapon

DBW005     Modern: 2 x 84mm Carl Gustav Anti Tank Weapon

DBW006     Modern: 5 x L1A1 Self Loading Rifle - SLR

DBW007     Modern: 4 x Ammo Box

DBW008     Modern: 3 x Lee Enfield 7.62mm Sniper Rifle