10% Discount on Show Pre Orders

We recommend that you pre order our items as many of them are 'unique' lots and waiting until the show may lead to disappointment, and in addition you will receive a 10% discount for doing so. This discount is available on all our online stock and can be accessed by selecting 'Collect at Show' for delivery method, and 'Cash on Collection' during the checkout process. Please remember to tell us which show you would like to collect at.

The Colonel is sending his chaps to the following shows:


20th Feb   Beachhead, Bournemouth

28th Feb  Cavalier, Tonbridge

5th Mar  Hammerhead, Newark Showground

6th Mar   Overlord,  Abingdon

12th Mar  Albanich, Dumfries

13th Mar  WMMS,   Alumwell, Wolverhampton

19th/20th Mar  The Triples, Sheffield

2nd Apr  Tees Con, Middlesbrough

3rd Apr   Skirmish, Sidcup

16th Apr   Salute, London

30th Apr  Legionary, Exeter

7th May   Carronade, Falkirk

22nd May  Partizan,  Newark Showground, Newark

29th May   Vanquish, Bourne End, Bucks

12th June  Broadside, Sittingbourne

18th June  Phalanx, St Helens

9th July   Muster on the Parade Ground, Stockton on Tees

10th July   Barrage, Stafford

12th-14th  Aug   Britcon, Manchester

21st Aug   Partizan II, Newark Showground, Newark

4th Sep    Hereward, Peterborough

18th Sep  Colours, Newbury

1st/2nd Oct  Worlds, Donington, Derby

30th Oct  Fiasco, Leeds


28th Jan  Crusade, Penarth, Cardiff