Welcome to Colonel Bills Parade Ground

On parade are a few samples of the Colonel's quality hand-painted figures sold over recent months.  Just click on a thumbnail for the full size image.


Warlord Games 'Napoleons Coach'
Painted by Dogman

Artemis painted by Cornish Mikey

Unfeasibly Miniatures Foreign Legion. Painted by Dogman 

WSS British Cavalry Painted by Dogman at Colonel Bills
FIW Highlanders painted by Dogman at Colonel Bills
Unfeasibly Miniatures Beau Geste. Painted by Dogman

Boudicca painted by Grasshopper


Jacobite Highlanders painted by Grasshopper


Russian Tank Riders painted by Louis at Colonel Bills


WSS Dutch Infantry painted by Dave Baker,  DPB Painting Services

Viking Warband painted by Thomas Mang

Cheeky Cowgirl painted by Dogman at Colonel Bills

WSS mounted French Musketeers painted by Artist X


AWI British Light Infantryman painted by The Mad McMainiac at Colonel Bills


Duke of Wellington painted by Kev at the Cabin

Belt Fed Girl Amelia painted as Santa Claus by Peter Bonami



70's hooligans painted by Dogman at Colonel Bills

SYW French Hussars renovated by Colonel Bills


Vikings  painted by Stuart Lunn, Blitzkreig Models


Napoleonic Mamelukes painted by  Andy Osborne, Dandy Painting Services

Dacian Command Group painted by Dogman at Colonel Bills


French Napoleonic Grenadiers painted by Dave Swinburn


Monty & Rommel painted by Cornish Mikey
Rapier Miniatures superb Sexy Witch painted by Dogman at Colonel Bills
Landskneckts painted by James Taylor