This is Colonel Bills own range of 28mm historical figures and equipment. As the name suggests it allows the gamer/collector to resupply with figures and items that complement his/her game and enhance the look, or simply raise a smile.  Full listings of these items are available in our online shop but here is a brief snap shot of what we offer:

2mm MDF Bases - we stock all the most popular sizes of bases

Carts, Wagons & Boats - we have an ever growing range of mdf carts and wagons, plus metal rowing boats & accessories

Horses & Oxen - we can supply Draught horses, Pack horses, Oxen, Chariot horses, funeral horses or unmounted cataphract or barded horses, and of course horses with just a saddle cloth or just a bridle for you to mount your own figures on

Cart/Wagon Crews - Packs of crews for our carts and wagons for a number of different periods - Celt Chariot crews, and EIR Romans right through to WW2 Germans and Soviets

Cart/Wagon Loads - resin loads for a variety of different periods in three different sizes to fit our range of vehicles

English Civil War Wagon, Artillery Load, ECW Crew
and Draught Horses

(Painted by Dogman@Colonel Bills)

Ancient Cart with Early Imperial load and crew
and pulled by 'Old Ned' the carthorse

(Painted by Jerry Miller@Parchment & Lead)

Part of the C17th Villagers Set
(Painted by Tom Darlo@Colonel Bills)
C17th Recruiting Party
(Painted by Dogman@Colonel Bills)

Childish Humour - yes its a bit 'playground' we know, but it makes us smile. We have several sets of persons sat on the thunderbox! These include the Blitzed Cockney with his newspaper, True Grit - the Duke on the John, Diving Wind - the WW2 Japanese officer and Pithed Off - a colonial officer. We can also supply thee thunderbox as an mdf kit

True Grit-the Duke on the John
(Painted by Dogman@Colonel Bills)
Caught Short - 2 men and their dog
(Painted by Grasshopper)

Divine Wind the Kami Carsey
(Painted by Dogman@Colonel Bills

Weapons - a range of weapons for a variety of periods. These grew out of our need to supply our second hand stock with the implements of war when they arrived with us having been disarmed by their previous Commander.