Colonel Bill would cordially like to invite you into the Recruiting Office. This is where you can purchase Pre loved painted and unpainted wargames figures; Depot Battalion 28mm Figures & Accessories, D'Arlo Figurines 28mm figures, Belt Fed Gaming 28mm Female characters, EMP 28mm Historical, Sci Fi & Fantasy figures, Warbases 28mm animals and MDF buildings, and finally Fighting 15s 15mm ranges, all at bargain prices!

Don't forget chaps you can always email a  pre-order, or use our pre order facility at our shop checkout, and collect your goodies at any of the shows that we are attending - use the coupon codes listed on the shop homepage and you will automatically receive a 10% discount on any pre ordered item

So...if you are ready, please stand to attention, salute, then march smartly forward in single file and.....