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The range includes Mounted Reiver and Dismounted Reivers, both including Heidsmen - a leader or head of the family, and a 'hot trod' which is the legitimate pursuit of reivers who have made off having raided and area and stolen cattle etc. It also includes Footloon who were the Border militia troops, and Garrison troops who would be stationed at Carlisle, Berwick etc, and a law abiding farmer and his family waiting to be the next victims.


DDBR101  |  A model based on Smailholm Peel Tower near Kelso, this is the type of property where the Heidsman of the family would reside.

DDBR102 | A typical Borders Bastle House - a property used by most families to protect themselves from the raids of the reivers.  Often the only way for the reivers to attack the family in the Bastle house was to break down the door to the undercroft and set a fire to smoke them out of the living quarters above.