So you would like to sell some troops to the Colonel for redeployment to battles elsewhere????

Well chaps, we buy and sell all manner of wargames related items, although I have to say that we prefer historical where possible. if you would like to put a list together of what you would like to sell, then please do so. Inorder to provide you with a quote we need to know as much of the following as possible:

1. Figure Scale

2. Manufacturer

3. Figure Range

4. The number of foot, mounted, artillery etc, and how many are painted, part painted, undercoated, clean castings etc

Once done please forward the list to or by post to

Colonel Bills, 7 Cliffords View, Ovington, Richmond. North Yorks, DL11 7DB

If you are unsure about anything then, by all means give us a ring - 01833 627241

And finally.........please, please, please do not attempt to sell us any 'pirated' or forged castings. We are very adept at recognising such figures and we always contact the manufacturers concerned and supply them with details of the person involved.