Whilst you are here we expect you to maintain a high standard of discipline and conduct yourself in a soldier like manner!

If you are a Retailer and you are here because you are considering stocking some of our ranges, you will find all the information that you require by using the relevant tabs on side bar menu. We welcome any enquiries for our wargames ranges, such as Belt Fed Gaming and Depot Battalion; or for our collectors range - D'Arlo Figurines.

If you are a Wargamer we recommend that you visit the Parade Ground where you can see examples of the painted figures that we have supplied in the past. You may also like to check the Notice Board where full details of events and conventions can be found - we attend all the UK events (except Vapnartak, York) and many within the European Union. Finally, of course we would encourage you to click on the 'Online Shop' tab and take a browse through the 1000's of items we currently offer for sale

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Commanding Officer