Whilst you are here we expect you to maintain a high standard of discipline and conduct yourself in a soldier like manner!

This is where the discerning collector and wargamer can recruit the figures he needs from our huge stocks of painted and unpainted 'used' items. Many of these items are rare or out of production.

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Right....lets get you briefed so that you can enjoy exploring the Depot......

On your way in you can check out the Notice Board where all the latest news from the depot is promulgated, including which wargames/collectors events the Colonel will be sending his lads to.

Colonel Bills is the home of the Depot Battalion range of figures, accessories and bases. It is also the home to a number of other units. These include 4Ground,  Belt Fed Gaming, Flags of War, Ainsty Castings and Grasshopper . If you would like to visit any of these please click on the tab at the side of this notice.

From there you could pop into the Online Shop (or the Recruiting Office as we call it). Here is where you can check out and purchase new figures from many of our 'associated units'; or pre owned figures, painted or unpainted from a multitude of manufacturers, many now sadly out of production

We would ask that you check out 'the Colonels Rant' in the online shop section which tells you how we deal in second hand items.

Perhaps you are visiting the Depot with the intention of off loading some troops that are surplus to your requirements at present; or perhaps you are a painting service who is looking for another means of marketing your skills. If that is the case we suggest that you click on the 'Recruiting Criteria' tab and see if your figures are fit to be recruited by the  Colonel

While you're here it would be a shame not take a stroll across the Parade Ground to inspect some of the painted troops the Colonel has supplied for customers recently

Above all - enjoy. We have a wonderful hobby

Colonel Bill

Commanding Officer